Media from Another World

In a world just slightly skewed from our own, what does the content on some of the most popular sites on the internet look like?

Camp Florescence

"God, I can’t believe how big I’ve gotten since I got to camp this year!"

Old Photo

I know! Can you believe that’s what I looked like twenty years ago? I was so small then!

"Boob flu" Part 1

“Jenny, did you see this?” Amanda yelled across the dorm room to her roommate. “Someone’s got titty flu on campus!”

'Boob Flu' Strikes Campus

EMERYVILLE - The CDC today urged residents of Emeryville to stay indoors and avoid physical contact with other residents today after an outbreak of acute viral mammocoronavirus, or the “titty flu”, was confirmed on Emeryville Polytechnic University campus yesterday.


Rubbing the sleep from your eyes, and with your cock already hardening, you tapped the video.


“Have I explained how much I love being all-powerful?”


She loved it when her girls suckled from her. All eight of them absolutely worshiped her, treated her like the goddess she was and attended to her every need, but this most intimate act was the one that held the most meaning for her.

Yumi's Green Vial

She uncorked the top and dashed it down in one quick gulp, catching a vaguely minty taste as it traveled over her tongue.

Heather's Wish

She turned and stared out the window into the star-filled sky, then rolled back over and tried to get to sleep. “I wish I had huge boobs, not these pathetic little A-cups.” Unseen, one of the millions of stars overhead twinkled and fell, as Heather’s eyes sagged shut.