Old Photo

Hey sweetie, I was going through my old shoeboxes of photos and found this back from when we very first started dating.

I know! Can you believe that’s what I looked like twenty years ago? I was so small then!

Oh, well, I know you thought I was the hottest thing on two legs, and I guess I was pretty big for back then, but I must say I’m much happier now.

You do love it when I talk about how I changed, don’t you? How all women changed into these big strong goddesses, how men can’t help but fall down at our feet?

How women just started getting taller and taller, so big that I can’t even see my little husband underneath my tits anymore. How our breasts grew bigger and bigger, so that us busty girls who started out ahead of everyone else grew boobs so big that our husbands could just curl up between our cleavage and nestle there.

It just made sense for all these new goddesses to take control of things, to make sure that our big, strong men-folk didn’t hurt themselves or their big, strong cocks by accident.

Speaking of which, I can see that me talking about how big my breasts are has gotten you all excited, hasn’t it? Why don’t you come over here and fuck your goddess’s massive tits, hmm?