Heather's Wish

Heather sighed as her roommate shifted in her sleep. Freshman year at college had turned out to be a lot like high school: surrounded by perfectly-nice and well-meaning girls who took pity on her as the cute flat-chested friend. Even now Heather could see her roomie Emily’s E-cups rising and falling steadily underneath the covers, and some small part of her burned with envy.

She turned and stared out the window into the star-filled sky, then rolled back over and tried to get to sleep. “I wish I had huge boobs, not these pathetic little A-cups.”

Unseen, one of the millions of stars overhead twinkled and fell, as Heather’s eyes sagged shut.

She awoke the next morning to the sound of her dorm room’s door closing as her roommate Emily left for her morning seminar. Groggily, Heather pulled the covers off herself, then tried to push the weird heavy lumps resting on her chest away as well.

Instead, her palm sunk into a warm, pliable mass, one that sent shivers of pleasure shooting through her body. She squeezed experimentally – her eyes still shut – and gasped, her hips arcing up away from the cheap mattress as an orgasm spiked through her skinny body. Heather shot up in bed and grabbed at her chest.

She was massive.

Where yesterday her breasts barely filled up a training bra, now instead two enormous mountains hung heavily off her front. They flowed over her grasping arms and filled her torso from her clavicles to the very bottom of her rib cage. Two dark-pink nipples stuck out as thick as wine corks swimming in puffy, teacup-sized areola.

Shocked, she pulled herself out of bed and over to the full-length mirror hanging off her closet door. Standing, they were even more impressive – crazily firm for their size, even her little innie belly button was still visible in their titanic shadow. She turned in place, noticing that the rest of her body seemed more-or-less unchanged, if maybe slightly more muscular. She raised her arms over her head and gawked as huge curves of boob were easily visible from behind.

Heather fumbled for her phone, thinking that she needed to call – who? The campus medial staff? 911? Maury? “Next week on Maury, Heather B, whose breasts went from zero to watermelons overnight – and the people who love her!” She stopped when she saw the lock screen, though, and stared.

It was still a picture of her and her best friend Julie from the previous summer when they’d gone to the beach together, same as it had been the night before, but now, instead of the two of them showing off their taut abs in matching two-piece swimsuits, there was now a simply astonishing amount of cleavage on display. The two of them were both titanically-busty, their pneumatic chests’ modesty only barely contained behind bikinis struggling to cover their nipples alone. Their arms were still wrapped around each other’s shoulders, but now instead of merely emphasizing their closeness, this also had the effect of smashing their busts together, making them appear even larger.

She unlocked the phone and pulled up the photos app, curious what else had changed. Her own mountain-like bust was omnipresent in every group photo, of course, impossible to hide or ignore even under the bulkiest of winter sweaters, but the rest of her friends seemed unchanged, save for Julie’s nearly-as-large pair.

She stopped on one picture taken just a few weeks previous, of the two of them hanging out on the quad with their game-partner and best male friend William. He had always been a quiet, supportive friend, and Heather had never before harbored a single sexual thought about him… but she stared at the picture with newfound intensity. William’s jeans looked, well, packed. He hadn’t worn a drop-crotch before, and now not only was he wearing baggier pants, they seemed almost too small, the subtle outline of a bloated salami visible through the denim.

She filed that away for later, and turned her attention to her closet, finding that it was full of clothes perfectly-sized for her outlandish shape. Four massive bras hung from hooks, each vast cup containing more fabric than most girl’s entire outfits. She wrestled her chest into a red one, and marveled at how even a bra bigger than most people’s heads was still barely large enough to contain her – there was an obvious bulge of tit rising up past the lip of the cup.

Throwing on her favorite pair of jeans and a tent-like t-shirt with the text I ROLLED A NATURAL 20 FOR MY CHARISMA CHECK, she headed out onto campus for her first class of the day, tucking the hem of the shirt into her waistband so that it didn’t flutter a foot from her navel.

So this is what being popular feels like, Heather thought to herself as she walked across the quad between her first and second classes of the day. Everywhere she went, people smiled at her and made small talk. The men she expected – fewer boys openly leering than she had feared, but even the subtle ones were clearly fixated on her. The women were a little more surprising; she clearly had been inducted into a loose-knit sorority of breasts at some point, judging by the way that she was apparently now on a first-name basis with some of the hottest women on campus.

None of them held a candle to her titanic tits, however. When she’d seen the picture on her phone with Julie, she’d worried that somehow she’d still end up being relatively small, that she’d still be a minnow among whales, but thankfully just the two of them appeared to have been magically transformed into the biggest-busted pair on campus.


She stopped and turned in place, setting her bosom wobbling under her t-shirt delightfully, and her heart skipped a beat.

Is that what I look like? She drank in the vision of Julie making her way out of a building and toward her, five-foot-five with breasts that absolutely dominated her frame. She’d always been the more fashionable of the pair, and today was no exception, Heather’s grungy jeans and t-shirt contrasting neatly with Julie’s knee-length pleated skirt and chest-accenting tailored button-up. At least Heather assumed it was custom-tailored – there was no way anyone could buy a shirt with that much fabric covering one’s rack straight off the rack.

Julie and Heather hugged, and Heather was surprised when Julie gave her a gentle peck on the cheek. The hug was heavenly, the two abundantly-blessed girls’ chests crashing together and practically engulfing their bodies in warm, soft flesh. “How was physics?”

They made small talk for a while as they walked, Julie relaying a story about how her math professor had managed to get so turned around explaining something that morning that the class had to work through the textbook as a group to figure out where they’d all gone wrong.

“My place for games tonight like normal?” she said at the door to Heather’s next class.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Heather replied, and with another (all-too-) brief hug and a wink, Julie was gone.

Heather stepped into the lecture hall and sat down near the front, feeling the lustful gazes of her classmates washing over her. Any room she walked into, she was the center of attention, all thanks to her huge, wobbling mounds. Another girl, Laura, previously one of the girls that Heather would have considered one of the big-titted targets of envy, sat down next to her, and Heather couldn’t help but feel some pity for her – she was only, what, maybe an F-cup? Mere molehills next to Heather’s alpine mountains.

Finally, the professor strode in, and Heather’s attention was dragged away from her tits and back to her studies.

“I brought beer!”

“The three happiest words in the English language,” Julie quipped as Heather closed the door to Julie’s off-campus apartment. William was already there, and the three of them settled down around Julie’s coffee table. A small stack of board and card games sat off to the side.

“The usual stakes?” Julie asked, reaching for a box of Set to start the evening off.

“Fine by me,” Heather said, not entirely sure what she was agreeing to, but figuring it’d become obvious with time.

They played in relative silence, each one concentrating on matching patterns, and Heather didn’t realize she’d won until the end and they counted cards. “Oh yay!”

“Damn,” Will said good-naturedly, and without fanfare unbuttoned and pulled off his top. Julie was doing the same, revealing her bra-bound breasts.

“It’s never fair for me,” Will complained. “You both have an extra piece of clothing on top, while I just have my shirt.”

“I keep telling you to wear and undershirt, but you don’t listen,” Julie said, playfully rubbing her hand on Will’s surprisingly-defined pecs. “Just more eye-candy for the two of us, right Heather?”

“R-right,” Heather said, understanding now that the ‘usual stakes’ meant ‘loser-strips-down’. That said, she didn’t exactly mind the view… Will looked like he’d lost a dozen pounds or so since she’d seen him last, and Julie was plenty pretty to look at, too.

Heather wondered briefly if she’d always been bisexual, or if it was just boob-lust talking, but the idea of burying both of her friends’ faces into her cleavage seemed like the hottest thing in the world. She was shaken out of her reverie by Julie and Will looking at her expectantly. “What should we play next?”


“Pssh, come on, we don’t have all night to waste before someone gets naked, pick something shorter!”

And so Heather did, grabbing Coup off the stack, and settling in to try and beat the pants – literally – off her friends.

“…and I believe that means I win, ladies.” Will smirked, sitting in his boxers, as he laid his cards down on the table. They’d been going through games quickly, the trio rapidly running out of clothes, but Heather was squarely in the lead, followed by Julie and then Will.

Julie groaned. “I guess that means I’m getting the girls out,” she said, reaching behind her back and popping the clasp on her bra, leaving her dressed only in a skimpy pair of bikini-style panties. Will leaned over and gave her exposed nipple a little tweak, which made Julie moan and grind her hips involuntarily.

Now that Julie was topless, Heather could get a really good idea of her relative size – and was pleased to note that, while she was indeed enormously busty, she was clearly outsized by Heather, who made her look small only in the way that a hippo would look small next to an elephant.

“You lost that round too, Heather, so I’d better see that bra of yours…”

“Fine,” Heather mock-pouted, and pulled off her t-shirt with a flourish, leaving her in just her underwear.

Julie gasped. “That’s the bra you’re wearing? But I thought it fit perfectly!”

“I guess I’m just a growing girl,” Heather said mischievously, running her finger along the overstuffed edge of one cup.

“Jesus, I’m never going to catch up, am I?” Julie crossed her arms under her breasts and pouted at William, who was clearly enjoying the show. “Tell Heather to make her tits stop growing, Will!”

“Girls, please, you’re both pretty!” Will’s erection was obvious now, tenting his boxers so dramatically the waistband had been pulled away from his hips. He had to be at least a foot long, probably even bigger, and the tip was easily as big as Heather’s fist.

“You cad.” Heather smirked. “I know what game we can play next.”

“What’s tha– hello!” Julie said as Heather suddenly began nibbling away at her acorn-sized nipple. “Ooh, don’t stoooooop, but how is this a game?”

“Simple,” Heather said between mouthfuls of flesh. “Who comes first?” She reached out and started to caress Will’s manhood through his boxers, marveling at how thick and warm it was.

“You minx!” Julie’s hand dove down into Heather’s damp panties and started working away at her clit, while Will dove into action groping and massaging both Julie and Heather’s vast tits.

Within moments, all pretense had fallen away, and the three of them shucked off the remains of their clothes. The girls pushed Will down onto the couch, and, after some brief preliminary lip-locking to ensure his cock was at full erection, buried his waist under their tits.

It was to his credit that he did not immediately erupt, as most men confronted with more breast in one sitting than most even see in the flesh in a lifetime would have little ability to do more than cum instantly, but he still groaned like a house in a hurricane. The tip of his enormous cock barely peeked out from between the grand canyon of cleavage Heather and Julie had buried it in, but every visible centimeter was hard and throbbing with need.

“God, you’re so big!” Julie said, practically drooling.

“Which one of us?” asked Heather.

“Both of you!” She squeezed her breasts against Heather’s, watching as they sank into Heather’s enormity. “And what a lovely cock, too.” She pushed further forward and wrapped her lips around Will’s straining erection, and was rewarded with a little dollop of pre-cum.

“Fuck, that’s good,” Will breathed, wiggling his hips to try and get more leverage beneath the two titanic beauties. His hands snaked around and began to finger-fuck Heather and Julie as they continued to lavish attention on his cock. “I’m almost, ugh, almost there!”

“Come all over my huge boobs,” Heather whispered in her sultriest voice. She was fully committed now to her life, the memories of being the flat-chested pity-friend dissolving away in favor of this new, more adventurous Heather, who’d grown up busty and only gotten bigger, whose tits dominated a room, who was so obscenely sexy that even a dynamo like Julie was reduced to pouting and begging for release. “Come for me.”

Will erupted, spewing hot, sticky cum all over the upper slopes of Heather and Julie’s tits. It trickled down into Heather’s cleavage, flowing into a pool of cum, which Heather bent forward and lapped up noisily.

“Will loses,” Heather said, “which means he only gets to watch what happens next.” She stood and moved over closer to Julie.

“What’s that?” asked Julie.

“Why, we’re going to clean each other’s breasts using only our tongues, of course.”

Heather stepped back into her dorm room a few hours later, still tingly from how well-fucked she’d gotten that evening. As she’d suspected would be the case, she had no trouble at all taking every inch of Will’s titanic cock in each and every one of her holes, and still felt a little bloated from how much he’d filled her pussy with his cum.

Emily, her roommate, turned and gasped as she stepped inside. “I-I-I’m sorry, I figured you were gone for the evening and I…”

Heather took in the scene before her. Emily had on one of Heather’s bras, apparently stuffed what looked like two hoodies into it, and had pulled a t-shirt on over it, giving her a massive shelf of a bosom, similar to Heather’s.

“You were just curious,” Heather finished for her, “what breasts as big as mine felt like.”

Emily nodded, her face beet-red.

Heather smiled. “Why didn’t you just ask?” She stepped forward and pulled off her shirt. “I’m always happy to share, after all.”

As Emily’s face and hands sank into Heather’s boobs, slurping and nuzzling against her titanic expanse, Heather thanked whatever lucky power had granted her wish – she was definitely going to enjoy it.