Yumi's Green Vial

The vial of lime-green liquid didn’t look like much.

Yumi had bought it from a strange old woman at the local market, whose tiny stall claimed to sell “potions and charms”. Curious, the shy, quiet Yumi had listened to the woman ramble on about the incredible power of her magic draughts, but as she turned to go, the woman grabbed her hand.

“You don’t believe. Here. Take this.” She pushed a small vial into her hands. “It will solve the problem you’ve been fighting all your life.”

“Oh, um, but I don’t–”

“Free! As proof.” The old woman turned and started re-arranging something on her little workbench, and it was clear the interaction was over.

So now Yumi stood in her apartment and regarded the little vial. What the heck, she thought. The worst thing that could happen would be nothing, right?

She uncorked the top and dashed it down in one quick gulp, catching a vaguely minty taste as it traveled over her tongue.

Then she waited, feeling a bit silly. Just as she was about to shrug and go throw the vial away, her entire body flushed, and the most incredible heat filled her from head to toe.

“Oh fuck!” Yumi stumbled backward and leaned against the wall in her tiny apartment, gasping with pleasure as her breasts bloomed up and out of her neckline like rising loafs of bread.

“Feels so… good!” The previously-scrawny young woman groped her rapidly-inflating bust through her sweater, marveling as they blew up bigger and bigger, far larger than any big-titted model she’d ever gazed upon with green-eyed envy.

She was so enraptured in the act of running her hands over her swelling mounds that it took her a moment to notice that her skirt had exploded right off her hips and her underwear was barely holding itself together. “I’m getting bigger all over?”

The answer came soon enough, when her head bonked into her apartment’s low ceiling and her sweater finally failed, tearing off her growing form in a blizzard of loose acrylic wool. She was at least nine feet tall now, and growing at a steady clip.

“Oh yes, bigger, make me huge– I want to be too big to ever be ignored again!”

She crouched over as her body complied, kicking her futon out of the way, her butt pushing up against the door, palms flat against the opposite wall, her seemingly bottomless cleavage filling the sole window in the apartment. In the sudden darkness, Yumi felt the walls closing in, hemming in her transformation. She snarled at the thought of being controlled, something that poor, shy, five-foot-tall old Yumi never would have done.

With a mighty shove, she pushed her way out of her third-floor apartment, tumbling down into the garden below in a pile of drywall and sweaty limbs. Disentangling herself, she stood and stretched, pleased to see that she was eye-level with her old apartment and still clearly growing.

She hefted her breasts in her hands, each tit easily more than a handful despite her increasing size, and squeezed them together, the resulting cleavage deep enough to swallow a full-grown man whole. Sirens wailed in the distance, and Yumi smiled. “I think I hear some people who want to play with me…” she said, and started stomping toward the closest siren, growing slowly taller the entire time.