Your phone buzzed. Groggily, you pawed at it, checking the time as you did so. 11:05 AM. Light was streaming in your window; you still had your shirt on from clubbing the night before.

The text was from a number you didn’t recognize, but a name you did.

hey cutie, it’s melissa from last night
hope you’re alone to watch this video

Melissa. The smoking-hot redhead who’d nearly dragged you into a bathroom stall after grinding on your crotch all night, whom you’d fucked hard and dirty, like a man possessed, then watched as she sashayed away, your number in her phone and cum glistening as it trickled down her thighs.

Rubbing the sleep from your eyes, and with your cock already hardening, you tapped the video.

She was bent over, fiddling with the computer, giving you a nice view of her face and right down into her cleavage, held in place by a pink sports bra. The wall behind her looked curiously suburban for a woman who clearly knew her way around a dance club.

“Hey stud, hope you’re not too dehydrated after our little romp last night. Just wanted to give you a look at how good you did.”

She stood up and pulled back her gray sweater, revealing a big, full belly.

“That’s right, I’m a Breeder, you sexy beast, and you got me so, so knocked up.” She stroked her swollen stomach lightly, and it swelled slightly larger, inching closer to the camera.

“Not many men could get me so big after just one night. I think there’s at least ten in here, maybe more. I’m going to get so big,” she purred, stroking her sides, “so full of your babies. My tits are going to get huge making milk for all of them, I’m probably going to be bedridden by the end of the week, all thanks to you.

“Just thinking about your cock again is making me so horny. A Breeder like me comes across studs like you so rarely, I can’t help but keep thinking about you fucking me again, and again, and again, keeping me so full of babies that I can’t even think straight anymore.” Her hands slid lower, diving into her panties, clearly playing with herself.

“You like that idea, you should come on by,” she said, “and play with me some more.”

The video ended, and another text from her arrived.