She loved it when her girls suckled from her. All eight of them absolutely worshiped her, treated her like the goddess she was and attended to her every need, but this most intimate act was the one that held the most meaning for her.

It didn’t hurt that every woman she added to her circle of worshipers seemed to add to her breasts’ production. Her first lover had been able to empty her in one sitting, but now it might take all morning to suck every last drop of her ambrosia from her heavenly titties.

It didn’t hurt that every woman who drank from her seemed to get stronger, sexier, and smarter after every session. Never approaching her own goddess-like appearance, of course, but they were all model-pretty now, after months of nursing from her.

She groaned as her most recent recruit worked on her nipple, her breasts drained almost down to empty again. “Yes, feed from your goddess,” she whispered, and the young woman eagerly complied, pulling the last mouthfuls from her, grinding her hips against her thigh.