"Ooh, she’s trying again!"

Darren’s wife Gabriela grinned wickedly and tapped the large brass amulet resting between her large, dark breasts. It glowed gently in response, its protective magic soaking up the spell and redirecting it back against its caster.

Invasive Species

You're an amazing writer. I'd love to see your take on massive hyperpregnancy

"I had gone from a stick to absurdly stacked in just a few days."

“So, I played volleyball all through middle school, high school, college, right? And not, like, casually, down at the beach with some friends on weekends or anything. I was in the gym every day, practicing, working super-hard on just absolutely dominating on the court.”

Cam Magic

A chance for your glorious writing to return? I have to get in on this. May the tf god rise once more! Prompt: The more eyes on her, the more she grew, the more she wanted to grow.

Goddess Wish

Guy wishes his girlfriend becomes his ideal. Girl becomes busty pregnant goddess and loves it.

Goddess of Growth

Something meta... A priestess grows into a goddess with each fulfilled request

The Alchemist

Strange hiccups cause a petite alchemist to grow taller and stronger than her half-giant crush.

"No me niegues"

"No me niegues" hyper-hourglass expansion and a small amount of height growth

Busimax Contamination

Busimax water contamination affects a high school girl track team

Horny, Milky Fertility Goddess

Loving wife gradually turns into also gigantic horny milky fertility goddess nourishing+feeding whole world.